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20 July 2007

Just call me an entrepreneur ...

... who does things for free.

I've recently experimented with infusing olive oil. I've infused extra virgin olive oil with oregano, oregano and thyme, chives and garlic, chives, and thyme. I've put them in these cute little bottles with customized tags and everything.

If I had ambition, which I don't, I would try to sell them. Instead, I will give them away as hostess gifts and such.

I'm looking forward to trying to infuse lavender and rosemary and mint. Not all together of course. That would be just weird.

12 July 2007

Star Date: July 12th, 2007

In an attempt at following Brandy's oh-so-responsible practice of providing weekly accountability updates, here goes nothin'.
(Although, don't expect this to be regular, impressive, or interesting. She is far more amazing than I could ever aspire to be.)


I am all caught up on my comps list except for Hope Leslie. Granted, Amazon.com didn't actually ship me the book until Friday, and I had scheduled myself to be done with it by Sunday. Either way, I am a novel behind. Woo hoo.
I've finished my syllabus for UNS101 (which wasn't too taxing). They gave me a brand new 1G jump drive. I'm pretty stoked about that.


I'm working like a dog at AT - at least three closing shifts a week.
I'm working like a dog with Joe - every morning from 9:30-12:30 and most weekend days.
SOAR is over so I am no longer working like a dog at the University.

I have been spending a lot of Quality Time with The Boy. It has been nice. I could get used to this.
My birthday is in a week. No major plans. Maybe we'll be in Durham, maybe we'll go to Undercurrents for dinner. Who really knows? It is, after all, just birthday. We won't go into to how old I will be.

So, there it is. Far less impressive than Brandy's. One can only hope to achieve her level of awesitude.

10 July 2007

Pictures of my mountain ... as promised

Bailey owns that mountain, bitches!
I was so proud of her (and me) climbing that beast. It was a straight hike vertical for a while there.

The view from the top ... well, almost the top.

This is what rain will do to a mountain of stone over thousands of years. These little "sperm-like" divets were all over the summit.
The view from the top ... the ACTUAL top.

See? I told you it was the top.
This is the geodetic survey marker, in case you can't read. Which means that this entire line is wasted on you.

A lone little tree, clinging for its life on the top of the mountain.

The Stone Mountain Waterfall. Not as impressive as the waterfalls back home, but pretty nonetheless.

A side view as we descended that bad boy.

See the climbers? Right there in the middle of the pic. White shirt. They are frickin' CRAZY!

Looking up to the summit from the farm that was built way back in the day.
Pretty impressive, huh?

Yeah. That's right. B and I kick ass.
Hard core.

I love birthdays that bring fileted bodies, curly hair, new glasses, and sexy shoes

The Boy and I spent all of yesterday in Charlotte shopping and visiting the Body Worlds exhibit. It was absolutely fantastic. The exhibit is so amazing. Here's the link. You should definitely check it out.


The Horse and Rider was very cool but extremely creepy. I've been around both horses and humans plenty in my life but never when their skin has been removed from their bodies. Really cool to compare the muscular systems though. Yes. That is what I do for my birthday. I go to educational museums to observe dead, plastinized bodies dissected and put on display. I know. I am totally lame.

After the exhibit, The Boy and I had lunch at a Charlotte brewpub before journeying on to the South Park mall. There we spent a few hours shopping at Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's, Nordstrom's (where I found the MOST AMAZING pair of ruby slippers, but they didn't have my size!), Brooks Brothers, and Nine West. Happily, Nine West proved far more rewarding than Nordstrom's. I bought a beautiful pair of blue suede shoes. No joke. Look.

They are actually more of an indigo color (you know how the camera washes color), and they are most amazingly sexy. I adore them. Best birthday gift ever.

Upon returning to G'boro, The Boy and I returned to LensCrafters to pick up our new glasses. New glasses and sunglasses for both of us. I think mine compliment my newly curly hair rather well.

Speaking of curly hair ... If I had known years ago that shaving my head would produce curls like that, I would have shaved my head in grade school! Of course, this means that I am terrified of ever shaving it again for fears of losing my new locks. I wake up every morning and shake my head is disbelief. I cannot believe my hair looks like this. I pray they it won't change any time soon.

As another early birthday gift, The Boy bought me an entire set of new tires for the Alero. Four brand spankin' new tires. While it is not romantic or sexy, it is pretty friggin' amazing. I know that there is more to come as the hallowed date draws nearer (I've seen sneak peeks ... but I wasn't sneaking!), but the tires pretty much rock. I never imagined that I would be so excited about tires. I know. I'm lame. But my boyfriend rocks!

Tonight it To Kill A Mockingbird at the Carolina Theatre with the amigos. Dinner at Natty's first, drinks during and after the movie. I'm excited to see Laura! We haven't seen each other in forever! Marty and Rae will be joining us as well. The New York squad is in full effect!

More to come later!


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