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03 June 2013

Wedding countdown: 1 month, 24 days

Done - 

Ceremony and Reception Site - contracted
Dessert (cupcakes) - contracted
Groom's Cake - contracted
Photographer - "contracted"
Entertainment - contracted
Flowers - decided upon and waiting for contract
Invitations - sent and now recording RSVPs
Dresses (mine, LL, EG) - ordered (waiting for mine and EG's to arrive)
Minister - chosen and meeting with 
Wedding bands - purchased (waiting on arrival)

To Do Still - 

JD and best man outfits
ABC off-site license (for hard liquor at the venue)
Make the favors (already decided on what now just have to buckle down and create)
Seating chart (have to wait until RSVPs are all in)
Finalize entertainment plan
Finalize food plan for reception
Finalize cupcake order
Order linens for tables
Finish tablescapes 

Ummm ... I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, but, for now, that's daunting enough. 
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