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26 June 2007

The good and the bad

The good:

1. My boy moves here in three days! Count 'em! THREE DAYS!
2. I've got a ton of cute new clothes from Ann Taylor, all ringing in at 40-50% off!
3. I bought an amazingly cute new dress from Brooks Brothers. It is a pink seersucker double-v neck with a cute full skirt. Very 40's.
4. I get my SOAR paycheck in three days. Mo' money, mo' money, mo'!

The bad:
1. Kirsten moves soon. Her going away party is tonight. It makes me sad.
2. It is hot as balls outside.
3. I miss Memphis and Justin and Tai and Maddison ... :(

25 June 2007

I almost died and then I climbed a mountain.

Sorry it has been a while. My computer decided to suck. And I have such fun things to report!

On Saturday, after two weeks of bad parenting, I finally was able to take the Beazer on a hike. We drove out to Stone Mountain (a few miles from VA) to test our skills and mountain-conquering. Things went well ... once we actually got there.

As I was driving down 40 and 77, I noticed that the car was doing a little shimmy. I chalked it up to the fact that my car needs an alignment and a tune-up. I was about twenty miles from the park (i.e. 2 HOURS from home) when the car began shaking so hard that I could barely maintain my speed and the Sirius radio port was ready to bounce off the windshield. I pulled over into an empty parking lot (keep in mind that it is currently around 9am and this podunk town is abandoned!) and checked under the chassis and glanced at the tires. I had no idea what I was looking for, but it seemed to be the correct thing to do. I happened to pull into an auto sales place and a sales guy happened to pull in in his pick-up as I was walking around the car. I figure that auto sales people need to know about cars, right? I figure I'll ask him to help me out. Plus he had a lip full of chaw, so I was pretty confident in his vehicle-analysis skills. He looks at the car (doing the same exact thing that I did) and kneels next to the right rear tire.

"Well, thar's yer problem."
I walk around the car to check it out.
"Ya snapped a cable."
Huh? Tires have cables?
"Put yer hand raight here. Feel that?"
He was talking about the tire, although, taken out of context, that could be naughty!
I see this slight bulge on the side of the tire. "Oh yeah," I say. "What do I need to do?"
"Ya need a new tiar."
Duh. "Can I get home on this one?"
"Not if ya don't wanta wreck." Thanks for the insight. "It could break further and cause a total blowout. I'm surprised it didn't blow already. "
"Is there anywhere in town that I can do this today? I am about two hours away from home."

He then kindly gives me directions to two different tire place next to, you guessed it, Walmart. I thanked him and drove very slowly to the shop. The kindly gents there threw on my spare in like ten minutes and charged me $5. I was pleased that I didn't get gouged and that I was able to continue on my adventure.

Bailey and I continued up to the base of the mountain, going no faster than 50 mph the entire way. We finally arrived and began our ascent.

It was amazing. We were literally sitting on top of a giant rock mountain. The summit is 2500 feet above sea level and the granite dome is 600 feet above the ground (I'm not sure how that works, but, long story short, I was really fucking high!). The first mile was literally a vertical climb. Both of us were panting halfway up. It totally kicked my ass (and B's), but the feeling from the top was absolutely amazing. Spectacular. Breathtaking. Humbling. Frickin' wonderful. I'd let the pics do the talking, but my computer sucks and won't let me upload pictures right now. When I figure it out, I'll post some. You can rest assured.

20 June 2007

Oh! One more thing!

I got a new day planner today! It is refillable one with a pretty red cover. I'm already filling it up and scheduling things through August!!

I love office supplies!!

Notes on an Non-Scandal

1. I've finally caught up on my reading. Phew. Of course, my new reading week begins on Sunday so I have three whole days of relaxation. And those "days of relaxation" will be filled with working, working, and working.

2. Speaking of working, my three jobs are going well. I am busy every day (except today by some odd alignment of the planets) for at least the entire morning. More often than not, I am busy in both the morning and afternoon. Sometimes the evening as well. Aside from having no time for anything fun, I am making some good money and am quite happy with all of my endeavors. Plus I've got some amazing new clothes at AT (most of which were 40-50% off with my discount) that I absolutely love.

3. I have been working out regularly again. Up at 5, at the Y by 6. AM, that is. Today I took B on a five mile walk. I loved it. She hated it because I exhausted her. I try to take her on walks three times a week (four miles minimum), but my current schedule doesn't exactly allow that. But we are going hiking in the mountains on Saturday. That should be exhausting fun for her.

4. My boy moves here in exactly one week. There are no words for my happiness. We are planning to have Thanksgiving in Savannah and possibly Spring Break in Houston (with Kirsten and Rob). We're also going to be heading to Charlotte for the BodyWorlds exhibit. Part of my birthday gift. Should be fantastic. I'm stoked.

5. Life is really good. I'm not poor (despite early forecasts), I'm enjoying my living situation (present and future!), I'm keeping active, and my social life isn't too shabby. I'm really enjoying life right now. I honestly can't complain. Yeah for life not sucking!!!!!

18 June 2007

Nothing sucks more than ...

studying for comps. I can't seem to read for more than twenty minutes without wanting to fall asleep. Unfortunately, that means I take naps frequently.

I think I may have reading-induced narcolepsy.

That may be a teensy-weensy problem given my choice of career paths.

12 June 2007

Rape charges so easily turn to ethics charges

As a follow up to a previous blog railing about the fiasco that occurred in Durham, Mike Nifong was brought up on ethics charges today. What that means is that he is being tried in civil court for violating the code of ethics that accompanies the responsibilities of a lawyer. If he is found guilty, he will face multiple punishments, one of which is possible disbarment. Among the witnesses testifying against him is the attorney for one of the boys. This lawyer cites that Nifong refused to disclose the data findings of the doctor who examined the patient. In this report (that was eventually forced from Nifong's office by nothing short of a court order) there are seven pages of data that detailed the multiple anonymous DNA samples taken from inside and on the victim. This is the final piece of evidence that shattered Nifong's case. Of course he was trying to hide it. Only, the problem is that hiding such information is ILLEGAL!

I really hope that this DB gets disbarred. And I hope the civil trials don't stop there. I think that the city of Durham and its county should bring the girl up on charges for filing a false police report. Perhaps they could make an example out of her as well. Our judicial system, however flawed it may be, is here to protect us. It is not to be used as a means of vengeance.

09 June 2007

To appease The Kiki

I've been reprimanded for abandoning my blog. Well, I have been a little busy. My boy has been in town, after all!

Well, since my MRI (which was my last update), I have worked a few shifts at Ann Taylor and bought a few super cute things. Especially this dress ...

Of course, it looks a little different on me, given that the model is black and I am, well... pasty. It is fantastic nonetheless. I wore it to dinner with Melissa and Brandy on Thursday night at Solaris. The best thing about the dress is that I got it 50% off!!! So phenomenal!! In fact, my regular discount is 40%, but I get to buy five full-priced items per month for 50% off! Yeah!! Of course, this means I will be poor. Well dressed, but poor.

I started SOAR in Friday as well. I worked from 1-2:30pm but still made the full pay. WooHoo!! I only had to help one student (who just so happened to be an English major), and then I got to go home and play with the boy.

Chico and I went to Winston-Salem on Friday for a Law School function. We went to a Winston-Salem Warthogs game and drank free beer for a few hours. Of course, it was Bud Light, so it tasted like ass. But, it was free beer. The weird thing about the whole evening was that Chico and I were two of the oldest people there. All of the people in his class are like 21-24 years old. It is pretty bad when I am one of the oldest people in the room. He and I laughed for quite a while about this. Then we realized how creepy we felt.

This morning we went back to join the Law School sponsored house hunt. Thankfully we didn't have to pile into the van with all of the kiddies. We drove separately and followed the vans to all of the different complexes. Chico found a complex that he liked (meaning it fit his budget and didn't suck) and filled out the application for it. Turns out that pretty much every kid in his class liked the same complex, so he will have a lot of new neighbors to play with! He is overjoyed.

Tonight I am taking him to the Gate City Chop house for dinner so we can have a nice, romantic dinner together before the leaves me until the end of the month. Happily, the next time I see him, he will be accompanied by a moving fan chuck full o'his stuff. That will make me the happiest girl in America!

It will be nice to return to a normal schedule again. Gym at 5:30/6. Work at 9:30 with Joe. Work at 1 at SOAR. Random hours here and there at AT. Home to sleep and play with my puppy. Hopefully there will be time for drinking and socializing in the midst of all that.

Sorry, Kiki. No pics to share this time. Meet me at the gym on Monday morning? I'll be there around 6. Get your booty out of bed!

02 June 2007

M.R.I. = MaryBeth Remains Injured

My knee pain is back. With a vengeance.

Dr. Blackman scheduled me for an M.R.I. to figure out what the hell is making my knee hurt so much. He says if that doesn't figure things out, I have to go to a rheumatologist to see if there are some major underlying issues leading to the joint pain that lingers through basically my whole body.

The M.R.I. was oh-so-much fun. It happened at 8:30 AT NIGHT on Thursday (the very first evening Chico was in town!!), and I had to lay in a freezing cold tube for about a half an hour. It banged and hummed and clattered the whole time. It was deafening. The giant magnet inside the M.R.I even made the three-inch screws in my ankle throb. Not pleasant. Around nine or so, Chico and I finally got to leave and go to dinner.

Chico and I went for a walk at Battleground Park yesterday evening, and, about a mile and half into the walk, my knee was throbbing and painful. We came home, made dinner, and watched Apocolypto (which didn't suck, surprisingly) while I held a heating pad on my knee for two hours. It felt a little better afterwards, but I certainly wasn't up for a run (but, then again, I never really am). I really want this thing to get figured out. It pisses me off that I cannot go for a two-mile walk without being in pain. I'm 26, for god's sake! My body is still young.

On a side note, I watched March of the Penguins. My ruling: Sweetest movie EVER.


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