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25 September 2007

About to embark on a grand adventure

Or not.

I head north on Thursday morning. Bright and early. I have a function to attend at 6:30pm that day, so I need to leave the 'boro by 5am at the latest. Ugh. No me gusta that.

I'll be spending a week up there, and it appears that the weather will not suck. It won't be as warm and nice there as it is here, but it will decent. In the mid 60s or so. I'll have to pack warmly. My blood has thinned considerably these last few years down here. I can't take the cold any more. And, yes, 60 is cold.

The visit should be nice. I will see all of the family and a few former students and perhaps even a few friends (although, most of my hometown friends have scattered across the globe). It should be a fun visit. I have a ton of reading to do for comps, but the quiet should be conducive for work.


On related note that's not really related but I had no other transition, I got the most amazing pair of pumps this weekend. I am actually waiting for them to arrive. The Nine West outlet was out of my size, but a pair is being shipped to me from Florida. I really hope they get here before I leave for N-to-the-Y. I do believe the current count is near 65 now.

Damn compulsions!

14 September 2007

Water, Water, everywhere

It finally rained today. For like thirty seconds. And now it is overcast, humid, and drizzly.

It's headline news here. It's all people are talking about.


06 September 2007

I can't really think of a clever title ... Deal with it.

I'll make this short and sweet because I know that the four people who read this lead such terribly busy lives. That, and I don't really have the energy to devote to a lengthy blog right now. Well, in actuality, I want to post quickly so I can get back to playing the Sims2.

List of things good:
-being the smartest person (and most level) in my Ed. course
-not teaching ENG101
-feeling appreciated in what I do teach and do every day
-the pending weekend to be spent with The Boy
-last night's overnight visit to Winston, also spent with The Boy
-Rusted Root in concert Saturday night
-the semi-cooler weather that we have been having
-a close friend's recent revelation of pregnancy
-that same close friend's pending visit
-The Beazer not sucking when I am gone (except once in a while, and only a little bit!)
-getting a card and photo from my adorable nieces back home
-Mom and Pops offering me their washer and dryer

List of things not-so-good:
-Stupid SAs who cannot take care of themselves
-Stupid neighbors who decide that 9:30 at night is a good time to have a very loud discussion in the parking lot beneath my window
-having to wake up early to go to the gym tomorrow morning.
-being behind in my comps studying ... again

Well, at least the good outnumber the bad.

I'm off to the Sims ...


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