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29 October 2007

A blogy kind of day

Should there be two "g"s in "blogy?" Perhaps an "-ie" ending? Oh well.

This is my third blog of the day. I'm so damn bipolar. I go for weeks on end without posting, and then I post a million times in a matter of hours. I need to work on leveling out, clearly.

I've been having some serious comps anxiety. You know, the whole "I'm-not-prepared-and-I-probably-never-will-be-and-I'm-not-good-enough" crap. I am done with my 19th century list (no big deal there), and I started on my 20th and special topics. I am, oh, about three weeks behind in my reading. Then I get an email from one of my committee members saying that he wants to make sure that I have a "solid social and contextual understanding of the period." I barely understand the poems, let alone all that other bullshit! I responded that I "don't know how to think 20th century." I don't think he was amused. But it is true!

Working three jobs (totaling about 40+ hours per week) and taking a class leaves me very little time to study. No. I take that back. If I cut down on my sleeping from my normal 11pm-6am to midnight-5am, I could squeeze in a few more hours. Trouble is, by the time I get home from my second job each evening, the very last thing I have energy to do is study! I just want to veg out, watch a movie, eat dinner, and read something that requires no brain cells.

I explained my current situation to the committee and expressed a potential desire to postpone. Surprisingly, KK completely supported the decision. In fact, she told me that if I hadn't suggested it, she would have. That made me feel sooooo much better. Of course, this may put me a semester behind in finishing, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make at this point. If I take these god forsaken things in October (one year from now), I will have nine months to read two lists and review a third. That is far more doable. In fact, I almost feel rejuvenated and excited about it! Almost.

On an unrelated note, I am taking my first RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) class tomorrow night. In other words, I may be becoming Catholic. Not sure yet. We'll see how it goes. For those of you who know me, this is completely out of left field. I am a self-professed pagan. Not really, but religion has always been veeeeeeeery far from my daily life. I know that this bothers The Boy (a rather devout Catholic in the buffet sense - I love you, Melissa!) because he worries about the state of my soul. Happily, he doesn't pressure me to convert or talk about religion or any of those obnoxious behavior. It is rather cute how every Sunday (or Saturday afternoon) he invites me to Mass. Nine times out of ten, I refuse and chill out at home while he goes to get some Jesus.

A few weeks ago, The Boy and I attended a lecture and guest sermon by Bishop William Curlin, the retired bishop from Charlotte. Turns out, he was Mother Teresa's spiritual advisor as well a mentor to a former pope. I invited The Boy because I knew how much he would enjoy to (the Bishop is a close personal friend of my boss, and she invited me to the service.). During the sermon and lecture, I found myself close to tears. This is the only time I have ever even been close to tears as a result of God. I figured it was a sign of some sort. Leaving my UCC/Methodist roots behind, I figured that I'd give this religion thing another go. I've been attending Mass regularly (and even without the invite from The Boy!), and enrolled in RCIA last week. The class is every Tuesday night from 7-9. It will get me to Winston just in time for nip/tuck. (I like the juxtaposition of those two concepts: church/god and nip/tuck.)

Hmmmm ... not much more to say now. I think three blogs has got me spent!

Count on some pics and update later in the week. Mom, Sister and Adorable Niece #1 and #2 are arriving on Wednesday afternoon. We have an action-packed weekend in store. The Zoo, the Natural Science Center, the Children's Museum ... I am pretty stoked.

Keep it real, ya'll.

What we lack

I just finished watching Bobby. I truly appreciate movies like this. It is about something we all know, but it forces us to think about what could have been. And, perhaps, what could still be.

It saddens me that our generation lacks a leader that inspires such hope and reverence. I honestly can't think of a single current leader that I would shed tears over if they were to pass or be assassinated. Does that make me a horrible person? I hope not. We live with such corruption and self-centered leaders, striving to make life better for themselves and those within their social circle. Meanwhile, civil rights are still being violated and basic human needs are not being met.

Children all over this country go hungry every day. Those with mental illness and permanent physical disabilities are still downcast and hidden from view. The poor are still looked at as "lazy" and "shiftless." Hispanics, poor whites, blacks, Asians, and Arabic peoples are persecuted in a million different ways every day. The only way to be above it all is to be (hold on, big shock coming here ...) upper-class white.

The ironic thing is that two of those people who earnestly tried to rectify these problems have become the epitome of class and distinction and the elite. The (in)famous Kennedy family, while swimming in money and style, never really lost sight of their duty as political Americans. Their duty is to protect and provide for ALL Americans. Whether those Americans got here by birth, plane, boat, or fleeing across a broken down border, they are all Americans. We have completely lost sight of this.

Well, maybe not "we." But, those we elect to lead us have. Politics now are only about enhancing the wealth of the wealthy and solidifying the stratification of class. No longer are they about social change and improving the world in which we life.

Long story short, we need new leadership. We need someone who will guide us out of this silly "war" and out of this economic farce in which we exist. Perhaps it could be Obama. Perhaps even Hillary. Honestly, I think it will take more than either on of them alone. Our entire social and political construction needs reworking. Maychance one of them could do it. Odds are, because one is black and the other is a woman, neither will get the chance. All the more evidence for the need for a change.
And the Sox win the series!!!

12:30am this morning, "watching" the game on the Internet, sitting next to The Boy on the futon, basking in the glory of the Patriots SPANKING of the Redskins, and celebrating the second World Series win of our relationship.

While this one wasn't as fabulously emotional and sentimental as the first (it was the first in 86 years!), but it was still great to see the boys win another.

I went to work today in the full regalia: Shirt and hat, sneaks, and jeans. My students didn't recognize me. It was great.

The makings of a good day.

26 October 2007

Make that 2-0

BoSox won again last night.

Boo yeah!

Unfortunately, I slept through most of the game. I fell asleep shortly after the fourth inning. I was exhausted from the very long day yesterday. Of course, I was regularly awoken by text messages from The Boy with important updates. We'll be watching Sunday's game with friends in Durham. Not sure about Saturday's game. We have dinner reservations at 7 and a semi-lame-o party afterwards. We'll most likely bail and watch the game at home. Sounds good to me.

Hopefully, the weekend will prove as fruitful as the last few days!!

25 October 2007

Well on their way ...

The Dirt Dogs won last night.

And, when I say won, I mean MASSACRED the Rockies. It was a fabulous start to the series.

I watched with The Boy at his hovel in Winston. I was sporting my new "Vote for Pedro-ia" t-shirt, which seemed to be rather good luck because the first Red Sox at bat was Pedroia himself and he knocked out a home run!

The runs kept coming. A final score of 13-1. Three of those runs were WALKED in during on inning. It was just great. I kinda felt sorry for the Rockies. But then I got over it. It would be so great to see the BoSox win another series. They have such a great field of talent. They truly deserve it. And it would make the Yankee fans feel even worse about being SWEPT out of the playoffs ... those Yankees and their big mouths (I should know. I have one too!).

I may need to hit a bar tonight to watch the game. I probably should keep reading for the comps (surprisingly, My Antonia doesn't suck as much as I had thought it would), so i may just "watch" the game online. We'll see how strongly the academic guilt kicks in.

Despite the rain, all in all, it's been a good one.

24 October 2007

Go BoSox!

Tonight is Game 1 of the World Series. Let's hope and pray for fantastic moves from the Hometown Boys!

22 October 2007

Ho hum the tedium

I figured that I'd blog before I started studying tonight. Back to the comps work. I've taken some time off (a few weeks or so ... I know, I suck), and it is time I got restarted. Bleh. No me gusta comps.

I've decided that I need to rejoin the real world. And not the lame MTV kind of real world. I need a job that pays a living wage that offers benefits. I'm going to start looking for pharmaceutical rep work (pretty familiar with that line of work) or something that doesn't require me to bring work home with me. There is no way that I can do the teaching thing while writing my diss. So, now I am on to the job hunt. We'll see how that laborious and tedious task pans out.

On all other fronts, things are good. Joey is making improvements every day (spontaneous language and appropriate responses!), and AEP stuff is going well. There are SAs in my office all day every day which is good for the program. AT kinda sucks. Business is a bit slow so there is a bit of standing around, but the new holiday clothing is coming in and it is FABULOUS.

Every day is pretty much the same. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Eat lunch. Walk the dog. Go pick up Joe. Work with Joe. Return home. Eat dinner. Study. .Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat. Not too much fun time built in. Although, The Boy is taking me to B. Christophers steak house for a real live date on Saturday. I'm pretty stoked. We haven't had a date in a long time, and this place is supposed to Ah-Mazing. Best rated steak house in the Triad. Yeah for date night!

The family arrives on Halloween. That will be mucho funno. I love my damn nieces. They are friggin' adorable. My mom and sister aren't all that bad either.

And there you have it, folks. Good times in the 'boro.

17 October 2007

A snarky blog for Kia

Well, perhaps not snarky, but I was reprimanded for my previous happy blog, so I will try to be more bitter and true to form. (Who does she think she is? My mother? Well, at least she is someone's mother!)

I'm feeling a wee bit depressed today. It could be the seven gallons of pop that I have consumed in the last two days (all that sugar was bound to run out sometime) or simply the shift in weather. North Carolina has finally decided t0 allow autumn to enter her borders. Even if it is just for a temporary visit. While I finally get to wear all my adorable AT clothes - sweater and skirts and boots, oh my! - I miss the sweltering heat. And I miss the leaves changing color and setting the hillsides on fire. There are no hillsides here, damnit! I went back to NY a few weeks ago, but it was actually too early in the season to see the festivity of fall. Now I'm sad because I want to see it.

Why the hell does autumn make me depressed? It's my friggin' favorite season, damnit! Ma que fa!?! I need to get out of this damn rut. And all those bottles of wine under the bar aren't helping. I feel like a drunk when I drink alone! We wouldn't want that now, would we? I don't think so.

On a happy note, I said the following things in class this morning: Bitch (2), shit (3), and damn (5). We were talking about advising and registration. 'Nuf said.

Damn. This blog sucks. Sorry for that, peeps.

I feel as though I have let you down, Kia. Lo siento.

05 October 2007

A weekend of merriment!

I'm home again!!

I returned yesterday afternoon around 2. I made the drive in just 9 hours with only one stop. The Boy arrived here shortly after to help me unload the mountains of booze and baggage that I brought back. He so sweet!

I had to go to class last night (ugh!), but, I picked up Thai food on the way home and had dinner and wine with The Boy. It was nice to be home and relaxing on my own couch. And sleeping in my own bed--one that is not a tiny single bed, but a queen with awesome sheets!--is invaluable. I could barely get out of bed this morning. But, the responsible woman in me did.

I went in to the office this morning and caught up on all of my work for the last week. It was great! I had quite a few student-athletes come in to say hello and talk. It was so sweet!

Today starts an entire weekend of merry-making.

Tonight I am going out with LL to do some Girls' Night preparatory shopping. Then I drive to Winston to stay with The Boy and watch baseball.

Saturday involves working at AT (not so fantastic), but then an evening filled with my favourite knocked-up Texan! The chickies are coming over for some girls' only fun (I've banished The Boy to the bedroom or a bar for the evening).

Sunday is a trip to Durham for baseball and football and then a return to the 'boro for another night with Kiki. It will be a co-ed party with a lot of my PhD pallies that I haven't hung with in forever. Should be fun!

Monday marks the return to normalcy. Teaching and office and working with Joe ...

01 October 2007

Cases and Cases of wine, oh my!

The tally from a day in wine country with The Mom:

2 cases of wine from various vineyards
3 cases of Ithaca Beer
1 750ml of a special new variety of Ithaca Beer
1 six-pack of Wagner Beer
1 empty wallet

Hey. I may not be able to afford gas to get home, but at least I will be too drunk to worry about it!


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