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05 September 2013

Wedding blessings ... and pictures, too!

At long last, I have pictures of the wedding! My dear friend, Melissa Richard, did our photos for us and we hired her for a few different reasons. Neither JD nor I like our picture taken, so we didn't want someone in our faces all day trying to get our picture (as it turned out, Mom took care of that for us). Melissa also does a more journalistic style of photography which is also something that JD and I appreciate. Given the organic nature and community feel of our wedding, we wanted photographs that were more natural and captured the even in an unobtrusive way. And she hit the mark. (They're out of order, but, so is my life, so that works perfectly.)

Our guests sharing in the congregational affirmation. 

I was pretty nervous. He was, too. 

My and my favorite guest (no offense!), Cooper. 

JD with a few members of his fan club.

A couple of beautiful ladies. 

My two beautiful attendants. 

I loved how our tables turned out. It was just what I imagined. 


Is she not the most adorable child?

I love her ability to be skeptical ...

Me and my MOH/Bestie/Love of my life (other than JD, of course!)

I love his smile. It's so warm and genuine. 

There was a lot of laughter that night. It was perfect. 


Uncle and niece. Love. 

A few of JD's good friends. I love the look of love in this picture. 

Looking forward to the future. 

My beautiful cousin Carrie and Uncle Bill. 

Mom and Pops. I love these people.

Our guest book ...

Arguably my favorite part of the decor ...

Sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Lucky to have these two as family. 

These wild girls had a blast. 
JD and I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful wedding day. The flowers and table decor was perfect, and the entertainment was wonderful. The food was never-ending and everyone raved about how tasty it was. And the cupcakes ... oh, the cupcakes... If you haven't enjoyed Sugarland, you need to. Now. Our favors - little recipe books with photos and family recipes - were perfect and reflected our personalities well (at some point, I'll post pictures and my process on those. It was fun!). Everywhere I looked, people were laughing and smiling and enjoying themselves. And that's exactly what we wanted.

Most importantly, we were surrounded by people we loved and who loved us. These are the people that helped make us who we are, and it was only fitting that those people were the ones to help us celebrate the new start to our lives together. We didn't have a fairytale wedding. We had so much more than that.
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