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02 October 2013

My kids are more adorable as cartoons

Ever since the husband and I blended our family last year, we've been talking about getting a portrait done of the kids. They are each very photogenic. Sunny has an adorable little lab smirk that she loves to flash whether in trouble or not. Bailey is regal and stately, although she does hate the camera. And Pickles? Well, he's just Pickles. Completely one of a kind.

The problem with a group portrait of the kids is, well ... the kids. They wiggle. They squirm. They're disobedient. We can't get them all to sit still for any length of time when they are even remotely close to each other. Pickles starts to chew on Sunny's legs or ears and then Sunny tries to step on Pickles. Bailey, not amused with all of the shenanigans, tries to slink away as stealthily as possible. All in all, it's a huge fail each and every time. In fact, the only picture we have of all three of them together is from the back when they were all begging me for a donut. It's an adorable photo, but certainly not wall art level.

With the husband's birthday approaching, I decided that I was going to make a portrait happen one way or another. And that's when the epiphany hit me! I just so happen to have two amazingly talented artist friends in Greensboro who have been experimenting with these absolutely adorable storybook-style children's portraits. I figured that if they could do such amazing work with human children, my four-legged children should be no problem!

I contacted Suzanne and Edgar of An Open Sketchbook and sent them a few (like 12) different photos of the kids.

Sunny smiling. 

Bailey with ball. 
Pickles being Pickles. 

A few short weeks later, this perfect masterpiece arrived in my mailbox.

Amazing custom art by An Open Sketchbook

Seriously? How adorable is that? And it captured our kids more perfectly than any photo we've ever taken. I put it in a frame and wrapped it up all pretty, and, when the husband opened it, he LOVED it. 100% loved it. Even called it the best birthday gift he's ever received. I'd like to take credit for that, but it was all Suzanne and Edgar. Thank you, guys, for making it possible!!

And now ... where to hang it?
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