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17 February 2007

I hate Germany. But, then again, who doesn't?

This morning I was awoken by the sound of David Grey singing Babylon to me. Turns out that it was just my phone. I didn't recognize the number, but I picked up anyway.

It was Justin!! My best and oldest friend in all of the world!

He was driving home with his little baby Maddy to visit his parents. He says to me, "Do you want the good news or the bad news?" The last time he said that to me, he announced that he and his wife were preggers. I can't remember what the bad news was, so it must not have been important.

Anyway, being the pessimist that I am (I prefer the term "realist"), I opt for bad news first.

"Well, we are moving to Germany."

My response was around the range that only dogs could hear. I know this because Bailey looked up at me from her bed like, "WTF?"

"What do you mean you are moving to Germany? Why? When?"

As I bombarded him with questions, he revealed that he, Tai, and Maddy are leaving for Germany in June for about three years. THREE YEARS!! By the time I see Maddy again, she will be five. He moved to Germany before after we finished high school, and it sucked. We never saw each other, we rarely spoke on the phone. This is completely unacceptable. I cannot go for three years without seeing and/or talking to my best friend.Despite living in different states, at least we reside on the SAME CONTINENT and have opportunity to see each other once in a while. If he and the family move to Germany, those won't even be possibilities. Needless to say, a few profane four-letter words escaped my mouth and then I realized that I was on speaker.

"Language!" He sternly warns me.

"Oh sorry." I keep forgetting that he is a Grown Up with a baby now. I'm supposed to be more careful of my word choice. I usually fail miserably at this. Not just with Maddy but all small people with growing vocabularies. I feel that it is my job to provide them the fun yet practical words, even if they are socially unacceptable.

Finally, the good news is revealed. He is coming to South Carolina for about a month in April to do some training and take some officer's classes. That means that he and I will get to spend some quality time together before he leaves. Hopefully I'll get to see Maddy and Tai as well.

But still, having them far away, across an ocean, make me sad. I know it is a great opportunity for them, but still ...

Damnit, Germany! Why do you ruin everything?!
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