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26 February 2007

Wanna see my feet?

So, my doctor's appointment last week involved xrays of my fucked up foot. Because they are pretty cool, I thought that I would share them with you, my biggest fans!

This one is of the pretty pins in my ankle, holding it together. Thankfully I don't set off metal detectors at airports.

And the side view ...

Here are my long-ass toes. I knew they were long, but the xray makes them look like friggin' talons! You see those three little pieces of bone over my big toe? Well, they are supposed to be TWO pieces of bone and they are called the sesmaoid bones. I have three because one of mine fractured. Who knows when, but it is too late to fix it now. Oh well.

Oh. If you want to know what arthritis looks like, it is the thick white part where bones meet. Look at that same knuckle with the sesmaoid bone fragments. My ankle is also riddled with it, if you are interested.

So, there you have it. My fucked up body on film. Stay tuned. Maybe someday you'll get pics of my decrepit hands as well!
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