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18 March 2007

And the joy-ride has crashed ...

I dropped Chico off at the airport today. (Yes, a communal sigh of sadness is appropriate.) My two-week spoil-fest has come to an end. Now I must return to the sad condition of cooking my own meals, doing my own laundry, cleaning my own house, driving myself to the office and around town, walking my own dog, buying my own groceries ... damn! I haven't done SHIT in the past two weeks. How sad. I mean, how sad that I need to start doing those things again. I'm so spoiled when my boy is here. I really hope he moves here so I can continue to live the life I am accustomed to. That boy is so friggin' amazing. He totally rocks my world.

On a related note (it isn't actually related, but I couldn't think of a better transition!), you must check out this video. It is arguably my favorite thing ever and has been for about three years now. You can't help but smile!

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