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06 September 2007

I can't really think of a clever title ... Deal with it.

I'll make this short and sweet because I know that the four people who read this lead such terribly busy lives. That, and I don't really have the energy to devote to a lengthy blog right now. Well, in actuality, I want to post quickly so I can get back to playing the Sims2.

List of things good:
-being the smartest person (and most level) in my Ed. course
-not teaching ENG101
-feeling appreciated in what I do teach and do every day
-the pending weekend to be spent with The Boy
-last night's overnight visit to Winston, also spent with The Boy
-Rusted Root in concert Saturday night
-the semi-cooler weather that we have been having
-a close friend's recent revelation of pregnancy
-that same close friend's pending visit
-The Beazer not sucking when I am gone (except once in a while, and only a little bit!)
-getting a card and photo from my adorable nieces back home
-Mom and Pops offering me their washer and dryer

List of things not-so-good:
-Stupid SAs who cannot take care of themselves
-Stupid neighbors who decide that 9:30 at night is a good time to have a very loud discussion in the parking lot beneath my window
-having to wake up early to go to the gym tomorrow morning.
-being behind in my comps studying ... again

Well, at least the good outnumber the bad.

I'm off to the Sims ...
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