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12 October 2008

A good, non-comps weekend

I didn't study a word of exam crap this weekend. Ahhhhh .... very nice! On Saturday, The Boy had some car issues (which will be all a-ok, hopefully) and, after we finished at the dealership, we went to the Farmer's Curb Market and Earthfare for our groceries. We got a bunch of great stuff at the farmer's marker (it feels good to support local agriculture!) and some awesome pork chops (the humane kind!) from Earthfare. I then worked all day at AT and came home to do some pumpkin beer and Octoberfest testings with The Boy.

This morning was awesome. The Boy got up early to go to mass and, when he returned, he made me pancakes and tea and served it to me in bed. Very nice! After breakfast, we did our weekly cooking and then went to see Duchess. Very good movie. We both really enjoyed it. When we got to the theater, the marquee had the times and titles listed. I guess the word "duchess" was too long so they had "duche" listed. Too funny! Way too similar to a female cleansing activity if you ask me!

After the movies, we came home and cleaned the fish tank (ugh) and then I went off to work. He headed back to Winston at some point, and, after my meeting, I attended mass. It was a really great way to end the weekend. While I love Sunday morning mass, I sometimes really enjoy Sunday night mass because it really provides a calming and centered way to end the weekend and start the week ahead.

And now, tomorrow afternoon, I am back at the comping. Ugh. Well, it was good while it lasted!
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