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16 November 2009

Espana: Day Two

Day Two in Madrid has been pretty kick ass.

I met some people to hang out with ... all of whom are form North Carolina. Who knew I'd have to fly to the other side of the Atlantic to make some new friends?!?!? After our registration period and our coffee break, I headed back to my room to practice for my talk. I was more than a little nervous. But, happily, I friggin' rocked it!! People really responded to my position and topic and even approached me afterward to talk to me about my topic and my ideas. It was pretty fabulous.

Lunch as pretty amazing. We had wine and yummy food with dessert and amazingness. Yum!! After lunch, one of my new chums and I hit the streets and explored Madrid. We walked for quite a few blocks to see things, and then took the metro to Retiro park. By the time we got there it was dark and, since my camera sucks, the photos turned out sub-par. Oh well. We'll be heading back tomorrow for more exploring. After the park, we walked around downtown for a while before finding somewhere for dinner. It was expensive, but yummy! Especially when coupled with wine. Everything is better with wine.

After wine, we walked down the calle to a pub where we sat at tables on the street and people watched. It was a very good time.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I get the WHOLE day to explore and not just a few hours. I love it here though. It is pretty fabulous.

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