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03 November 2009

The new addition to my blog

I've recently been introduced to the following internet software:

Weird name, but awesome stuff people! You can see some of my examples on the sidebar of my blog. I've been using the education side of this program with my kids to create virtual posters (being green and techie all at once!), but I've also been playing with it on my own for fun.

It is incredibly easy to create "glogs" which are visually-based blogs. There are a ton of animated and still graphics that you can add to your glog to spice it up. You can upload pictures and video as well as text. They are pretty fun. I've used them to post favorite poems, picture collages, and I have a glog-in-progress about my trip to Spain. You should definitely check it out. They are a lot of fun to make and so easy to learn!
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