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17 December 2009

I heart Happy Christmas Surprises!

Today I received the surprise of my life. Our last day of school before holiday break is tomorrow, so, of course, the festivities begin today! The 6th grade parents' group organized a Hot Cocoa service for all of the 6th graders, and they also distributed the gifts to the 6th grade teachers. I've received gifts from students before -- hoemade cookies, Barnes and Noble gift cards, lotions ...-- so I was expecting the usual (despite my colleagues advising me otherwise). When I heard that the 6th grade parents were doing a group gift for each teacher rather than individual gifts, I figured it would be a gift certificate or something of the like. When the parents came by my room to hand me my card and wish me happy holidays, I figured that my suspicions were correct. I opened the card to display it with my other cards and out fell $300 CASH in hundred dollar bills!!! I almost passed out! Every 6th grade teacher got the same! That's a TON OF CASH! I NEVER want to leave this job! :)

Of course, the money went directly to the mechanic because I needed some minor work done on the wheels before the trip north (although this stupid looming winter storm may throw a wrench in my plans!). But, because the money was TOTALLY unexpected, it was almost like the car repairs were free!! Not really, but kinda ...

Happy Christmas!
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