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13 December 2009

My Kick-A** Boyfriend

The Boy came over this week from Wednesday thru Sunday to have a little break before his finals. He had two exams last week - Monday and Tuesday - and he has two exams next week on Monday and Wednesday. We haven't spent all that much time together since we got back form Spain since we both have been crazy busy, but the little time we had together this week was pretty great.

When I got home from work on Wednesday, he had a cocktail waiting for me at the door and a fire started in the fireplace. We had a little picnic on the floor in front of the fire, eating awesome cheese and drinking wine. He made some gnocchi from scratch (yum!!) and watched some the oldest and newest Terminator movies.

Friday night was even better! After a quick trip to Target (I hate shopping during this time of year!!!), I came home and The Boy had drawn me a bath!!!! I haven't taken a bath in FOREVER! (Obviously I have showered often!), and it was so sweet. He made me a cocktail, had loaded the bath with tons of bubbles, and let me relax after a long day at work for a while before dinner. When I was done with my bath (Ahhhhhhh ...), he had started another fire and dinner was ready. It was fantastic!

He can be so sweet and wonderful sometimes! I'm pretty lucky. I won't lie. :)
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