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20 April 2010

Florida Recap

LL and I ventured down to Florida to visit with Mom and Dad last weekend, and we had a fabulous time! I haven't seen LL since August and hadn't seen Mom and Dad since Christmas, so it was a wonderful opportunity to relax and catch up with people I love. As usual, we had a fantastic time and I took some pics to share!

I hate the way Blogger uploads pics. These sunsets should be (appropriately) at the end, but, alas, they popped up first.

Mom and Popo on our boat trip on the bay.
LL, Cousin Jennifer, and me.
Me trying to look stylish on the boat.
There was a bald eagle nest on an island in the bay!
Jennifer and Pup-Pup bonded!
Jennifer and LL.
Mom and my shadow on the beach.
The ocean and some shells.
In the Robinson Reserve, there were a TON of crabs along the water's edge. It looked like the earth was moving!

An ibis was making a nice meal of the crazy crabs.
More Mom and Popo.

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