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29 September 2010

Disappointed in me

I've had a pretty consistent struggle with my weight for most of my life. As a teenager, I had a rather svelte body and was content. As I've aged, I've slowly gained more weight than I would like to admit. The good (bad?) thing is that, because I am tall, I can carry more weight on my frame without looking heavy. We all have an ideal number on the scale, but I am driven more by the way my clothes feel on me. Lately, they have been feeling more snug that I would like. Tonight I tried on last season's jeans (because its that time of year again!) and I almost started crying. I am VERY unhappy with the way my body currently looks without clothes as well as with more fitted clothes.

There is no excuse for this other than sheer laziness. I'm lazy, and I love to eat. I know that I am capable of losing the weight and staying trimmer, but I've just been mailing it in these past few months. Back in March I won the Biggest Loser competition at school after losing like 15 pounds. Well, its all back and more. And there is no reason for it. Seriously. And there is no time like the present to make a change, right?

I find that if I make resolutions in a public forum (my blog) I am more likely to stick to it. I guess it is some kind of internet accountability. So here it goes. I'm going to lay out my "plan" for making a change.

Week 1 (9/30-10/7) - I'm going to do a pretty hard core, kick-it-into-high-gear week of all fruits and vegetables and limited dairy. I'll eat a bowl of cereal in the morning (I need the dairy for protein and the carbs for energy!) but only vegetables and legumes for the remainder of the day. I'll only consume water and hot tea with absolutely no pop of any kind and no booze. The no booze thing will be a bit challenging given that I'm going home to visit, so I might have to make a one-day allowance. I also want to get in at least 5 40-minute bouts on either the elliptical or my Nordic Trac. If I can't do those, it will be a walk for 40 minutes. Weather permitting, I'm also planning to take B on some lengthy walks.

Week 2 (10/8-10/14) - After a week of veggies and fruits with minimal dairy, I hope to feel a bit cleansed and rejuvenated (as well as a few pounds lighter!). The food for this second week will still be fruit and veggie heavy, but I'll incorporate a touch more carbs (pasta and rice) as well as more dairy (cheese, yogurt, and milk). Again, I plan to get at least 5 40-minute cardo workouts in as well as some addition B walks. A cocktail or two, especially at Amy's wedding, will be allowed.

Week 3 (10/15-10/21) - This week will basically be the same as Week 2 but with lengthier (50-60 minutes) cardio workouts. I wish I had access to a good gym with weights and machines, but, alas, I don't. I'll have to figure out a solution to that later, but the cardio is good for now. Again, a cocktail or two will be permitted.

I don't eat meat at all anymore (with the very occasional weakness for Mexican food), so it is important that I get my protein from other sources like beans and nuts and things of the like. I don't miss meat at all, but it makes getting my protein a but more challenging (and fattening!) sometimes. Either way, I need protein and I need to find a way to get the appropriate amount each day without countering it with a ton of fat (i.e cheese. I LOVE CHEESE!!).

Hopefully the next three weeks will kick start my motivation and metabolism to get me on the track to a healthier and fitter body. A bonus of a few less pounds would be ideal as well! The week immediately after Week 3 finds me in NOLA for a visit with The Boy, so I'm not making any strict plans for that week. that would just be setting myself up for failure. Of course, I don't plan of gorging myself, but I'm also not going to set any unrealistic goals that I cannot achieve while on "vacation."

As a part of my renewed fit and healthy journey, I'll be posting updates and progress reports on a fairly regular basis. I really need to make a change in myself to make myself look and feel better, and that change needs to happen now.
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