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25 September 2011

Yeah for productivity!

I've had an AMAZINGLY productive weekend. I think the pressure from my pending trip to Ireland has got me kicked into high gear. I have a million and one things to accomplish by Friday, and I can't make excuses. Mid-terms are coming up, packing and preparations need to be done, sub plans need to be written ... there's a lot to do. Thankfully, the pressure has resulted in productivity!

Things I've accomplished:
- Graded all of my students' vocabulary assignments
- Graded all of my students' group projects
- Entered all of said grades into the grade system
- Organized the chaos that is my back porch
- Organized the chaos that is my office
- Written 9 of 12 mid-term comments for my advisory group
- Written my generic mid-term comments for Language Arts and my advisory

Things I've yet to do:
- Write sub plans for a FULL WEEK of lessons.
- Collect and grade this week's vocabulary assignments (this may happen on the plane to Dublin.)
- Get my travellers' cheques
- Pick up my Euros for my trip
- Pack!
- I'm sure there's more. I just can't think of it all right now. My brain is fried .
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