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03 November 2012

A Sunny visit

Today JD and I drove up to see our pup in boarding school. She's been there for over a month, and we haven't seen her since we dropped her off! While the house is quieter without her, I miss her like crazy sometimes. Her goofy 9-month-old behavior, at times exhausting, is adorable. And I miss her unconditional love and affection. The other two kids at home are a little more fickle. Sunny? She just wants love in whatever way you are willing to give it. Of course, if you choose to give it with food, she loves it even more. 

The first month of training is focused on obedience with some hunt training mixed in. When we dropped her off, she couldn't sit. Not wouldn't sit. But couldn't sit. No matter what we did at home, she absolutely refused to ever let her bum touch the floor. I was convinced that there was something wrong with her legs that prevented her from doing so. But she's just strong willed. VERY strong willed.

When we got to her "school," she showed us how she could sit, stay, heel, and retrieve. It was amazing! The next month will be focused on some more intensive hunt training, but I'm totally impressed with what I saw. 

Isn't she pretty?

I was really worried that she would forget me. It's been a month and we hadn't seen her at all. But, as soon as she saw us, it was clear she remembered us. Her little tail was wagging so hard that she couldn't sit still. Of course, when I pulled out the treats, she almost turned herself inside out!

She's so excited
One of the best parts of the visit was the box o' puppies that was there. Two weeks ago, one of the hunting dogs that the trainer owns had 12 (twelve!!!) puppies. And now they are all in a box o' puppies. They were soooooo adorable. Almost made me want to get one. Almost. But not quite. 

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