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04 November 2012

Playing dress up

For the first time in more than 10 years, I dressed up for Halloween this year. I was convinced to do it by JD and Sheila, but, I will admit, I had a good time. We dressed up and went out on Glenwood to enjoy some good food, good music, and good drinks. I was a flapper, and JD was mountain man. Sheila was Pocahontas. The best thing about my costume is that I own pretty much everything for it and only had to buy a plastic cigarette holder, sequins, and feathers (for my headband). JD had to buy some (hideous) plaid as well as assemble an ax for his costume. 

JD working hard on his ax. 

JD and I in costume, showing off our accessories.
Pocahontas turned pirate halfway through the night. 
Me and my boo. 
It was actually a lot of fun despite my hatred of the holiday. We'll see if we do it again next year.
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