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19 December 2012

Something to blog about

I've been a minimalistic blogger these past few weeks due to a multitude of chaotic things happening around, namely a massive move which begins on Saturday. Because of moving over the holidays, I had pretty much discounted the decorations, the presents, the rituals, and, most importantly, the tree. I was okay with that because I knew it was for a greater purpose -- getting settled in a bigger and better place that would better meet our needs. The lack of sensory Christmasy-ness (the smell of an evergreen, the twinkling of lights, the festive decorations ...) made me a little sad, but I had come to terms with it.

As a surprise today, JD wanted to get us a Christmas tree for the new place. We have NO furniture in the new place, but we have a Christmas tree. Fully decorated. It was a wonderful surprise, and it really made my day. And I completely put me in the Christmas spirit. I know it's superficial, but a Christmas tree is what signifies the Christmas spirit for me. I still prioritize attending mass and recognizing the purpose of this season, but the tree really kicks it all off. For JD to think about how much it means to me to have a tree and want to make sure we have one means so much to me.

As of now, it's Christmas at our house!

Our beautiful tree.

The dogs begrudgingly posed. You can barely see Pickles. 

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