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12 February 2013

Grandma brings gifts!

My mom and my eldest niece Sami came down to visit this past weekend. It was my niece's first flight in a plane, and this is the furthest south that she's been. Mom and Dad usually come visit me each spring, but Dad was hesitant to leave home given the weather (which was probably smart given that Winter Storm Nemo hit them pretty hard and someone needed to be home to handle it). So my niece came, and we had a pretty great time. Mom and Sami were our first official house guests since we moved in (we've had other guests but we weren't really moved in yet), and the kids were pretty excited to see some of their NY family.

Mom is pretty handy when it comes to sewing, so, of course, she brought gifties for all the children.

I love her little labels

Pickles sporting his new jacket. 

Some of the children liked their gifts more than others.
Bailey wasn't so impressed. She hates clothes.
She's a nudist.
I got a giftie, too! A wicked cool fancy-schmancy whisk! While it may not seem like much of a gift, I saw Mom's when I was home last and tried to steal it. She stopped me but then bought me my own! (I think she ordered it off Amazon here.)

Not only did the kids and I get gifties, so did EG. She got a new American Doll (Sally) for her birthday, and I asked Mom to make her some clothes. And, of course, Mom went overboard. She made her a ballerina outfit (for which I bought little pink pointe shoes), some pyjamas, and a robe. And, of course, she made a matching robe for EG as well. EG was thrilled. It was pretty adorable.

One of my favorite things about Mom's visits is that she is so generous. She loves to do wonderful things for other people just to make them happy. That's what makes her so great. 
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