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12 February 2013

Visiting Duke Gardens

My mom gets stir crazy when she comes to visit. By Friday morning (she got here Thursday afternoon), she was cleaning my counters and hand cleaning the floors. She literally can't sit still. The fact that the weather wasn't amazing made matters worse because she couldn't get outside. We finally got some good weather on Sunday, and we headed over to Duke Gardens to check out the campus and the pretty scenery. Sami had never been to the campus, so I thought she'd enjoy seeing a baby Ivy campus. And I knew Mom would love the gardens because they are so beautiful.

The weather was only in the upper forties/low fifties and it was pretty overcast. But the sun slowly started to peek through, and it made for a pretty day.

The Canada geese and the blue-necked swan in the asiatic gardens.

More of the swan.

We also drove over to the chapel but we didn't go in because they were having services (it being Sunday and all). I would love to have shown Mom the inside because it is breathtaking, but the exterior is pretty impressive as well. Especially with a stunning blue sky as a backdrop.

We saw this little cart at the garden store, and I'm dying for my dad to make me one so I can have it on my patio. I love it!
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