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03 July 2013

Wedding Countdown - 24 days

The wedding is in just 24 days.

24 days, people!!

All the major stuff is in order. We have a venue (which were finalizing on Monday), we have a florist, we have a musician (still need to finalize the music scheme and list), we have dessert (finalizing that on Tuesday), and we FINALLY have a wedding dress. Or, rather, I finally have a wedding dress.

Out of all the things that could potentially cause stress for this wedding, I didn't think it would be the dress. It's actually one of the smallest budget items, and I thought it would be relatively hassle-free. And it started that way. I set a small budget for the dress -- absolutely no more than $500 for everything including alterations -- and was confident that I would come in under budget. The first dress I set my heart on didn't quite work, but the second was perfect. Unfortunately, the dress was made by a small boutique in New Jersey and the only way to get it was to communicate via email and send along my measurements. All was going very smoothly until I received it in the mail. It was a little heartbreaking. There was a small dirt mark on the bodice and, worst of all, the hemming was COMPLETELY wrong. And the petticoat was too long! I sent it back for repairs and alterations, and it came back on Monday. Unfortunately, it was STILL wrong. The hem was now uneven in a whole new way, and the petticoat was a disaster. I finally got them to call me and told them that they needed to pay for in-town alterations because I can't rely on them fixing it incorrectly again and waiting for them to mail it back and forth. Thankfully, my soon-to-be-sister-in-law knew a great tailor, and the dress is already fixed! The petticoat will be done after the holiday weekend, and I'll pick them up Wednesday. That's a huge weight off my shoulders.

Everything else is coming together nicely. There are still small details that need my attention -- putting together favors, wrapping ribbon around our mason jars, deciding on the details of the ceremony -- but, all in all, the major stuff is done. With the exception of our final meeting with the minister to nail down the ceremony, we're ready to get married.

Except for the marriage license! Damn! We need to get that!!
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