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01 April 2007

So, it turns out that my brothers don't suck. Who knew?

My brothers and pops left this morning AT 6:30 AM to head back to New York. They got in to town on Thursday afternoon and spent the weekend here. It was surprisingly fun. I say this because my oldest brother and I tend to have a very tenuous relationship. I am always the baby sister in need to guidance and protection, but I never actually ask for it. It is forced upon me.

The niceties began as soon as the family got into town. The first thing my oldest brother did was offer to pony up $100 bucks towards a new t.v. I totally thought he was lying, but I came home with a brand-new Samsung flat screen. Both of my brothers and my dad pitched in to buy it for me. YEAH! It fits the opening of my entertainment center almost perfectly. The OCD in me is rather pleased right now.

Friday was an early morning family workout at the REC and then a nice breakfast at Tex and Shirley's. After that, a walk through the arboretum. Dinner at Garcia's and movies on the new t.v. Saturday was a day-long event at Chapel Hill so my brothers could buy every single piece of Carolina memorabilia and clothing that they could find. It was ridiculous. Lunch at Top of the Hill was amazing as usual.

I kept thinking all weekend long about how weird my brothers have been. They were laughing and joking and playful and ... well, fun. I wasn't the dumb little sister anymore. It was kind of nice. I guess that now that I am almost 27 years old, they view me as an equal. Sort of.

The cool thing is that they bought me a t.v.

Unfortunately, I'll never hear the end of it.
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