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10 July 2007

Pictures of my mountain ... as promised

Bailey owns that mountain, bitches!
I was so proud of her (and me) climbing that beast. It was a straight hike vertical for a while there.

The view from the top ... well, almost the top.

This is what rain will do to a mountain of stone over thousands of years. These little "sperm-like" divets were all over the summit.
The view from the top ... the ACTUAL top.

See? I told you it was the top.
This is the geodetic survey marker, in case you can't read. Which means that this entire line is wasted on you.

A lone little tree, clinging for its life on the top of the mountain.

The Stone Mountain Waterfall. Not as impressive as the waterfalls back home, but pretty nonetheless.

A side view as we descended that bad boy.

See the climbers? Right there in the middle of the pic. White shirt. They are frickin' CRAZY!

Looking up to the summit from the farm that was built way back in the day.
Pretty impressive, huh?

Yeah. That's right. B and I kick ass.
Hard core.

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