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12 July 2007

Star Date: July 12th, 2007

In an attempt at following Brandy's oh-so-responsible practice of providing weekly accountability updates, here goes nothin'.
(Although, don't expect this to be regular, impressive, or interesting. She is far more amazing than I could ever aspire to be.)


I am all caught up on my comps list except for Hope Leslie. Granted, Amazon.com didn't actually ship me the book until Friday, and I had scheduled myself to be done with it by Sunday. Either way, I am a novel behind. Woo hoo.
I've finished my syllabus for UNS101 (which wasn't too taxing). They gave me a brand new 1G jump drive. I'm pretty stoked about that.


I'm working like a dog at AT - at least three closing shifts a week.
I'm working like a dog with Joe - every morning from 9:30-12:30 and most weekend days.
SOAR is over so I am no longer working like a dog at the University.

I have been spending a lot of Quality Time with The Boy. It has been nice. I could get used to this.
My birthday is in a week. No major plans. Maybe we'll be in Durham, maybe we'll go to Undercurrents for dinner. Who really knows? It is, after all, just birthday. We won't go into to how old I will be.

So, there it is. Far less impressive than Brandy's. One can only hope to achieve her level of awesitude.
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