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23 September 2008

Chapter Two: Boston

Thanks for your continued attention! Now for the Boston chapter...

Like I said in chapter one, I arrived in Boston on Thursday. Friday, ALL MORNING, The Boy had interviews in the financial district. So ... what is a girl to do? Shop! What else? I took the train to Kenmore station and walked up Newbury street and explored the posh and high-end shops. Of course, my sadly limited budget restricted me to only spending money in AT (of course!) and this really sweet little tea shop. I bought a gorgeous special occasion dress in a soft baby blue. I have no purpose to wear it, but it cost me $29.00, marked down from $128.00!, so I figured, why not?! After my shopping excursion wore me out, I stopped at this little Thai place for lunch and had some amazing Panang curry. It certainly reenergized me for the afternoon. After lunch, The Boy and I drove to Portland, ME (see chapter one) and then returned to Beantown on Saturday night.

After mass on Sunday morning, we drove back into the city and checked into our hotel in the Seaport. It was a "green" hotel and was very modern. Not the most memorable hotel (nothing really stood out) but still in a great location and was very nice. We had dinner on Sunday night at Miel and then took a nice walk along the river walk where I snapped a few pics while we smoked a nice cigar.
The harbor at night.

The Hood "pagoda" at the Children's Museum.

While The Boy went to his interview on Monday morning, I stayed in the hotel and worked. How lame, but the comps are just around the corner and I promised myself that I would get something accomplished while on my trip. And I did! Once I had met my work requirement for the day, I took the train to Harvard Yard and then promptly turned around a reboarded because The Boy told me he was done and ready for lunch. I had expected him to tied up for at least another hour. Oh well! I jumped back on the train, and we grabbed some lunch. While he was engrossed in his second interview of the day, I explored The Granary (burial place of patriots) and King's Church (burial place of Tories), the two Revolutionary war-era cemeteries in downtown Boston. I'd never been before and I do have a weird obsession with tombstones. So I figured, why not!

The head stones had rather interesting carvings. This one has two dancing skeletons.
(King's Church)

This one has an angel dancing with a skeleton. Huh?
(King's Church)

According to the plaques in the cemetery, the willow and urn was a popular motif. Not sure why. I should have read more carefully.
(The Granary)

Paul Revere's gravesite.
(The Granary)

More skeletons ... a little macabre ...
(The Granary)

This skull and angel wing thing was on quite a few stones in both of the cemeteries.
(The Granary)

King's Church

King's Church

(This will all eventually be turned into a photo collage-like thing similar to the one I have of Bonaventure in Savannah.)

After playing around in the cemeteries in the afternoon, The Boy and I headed back to the garage to stash our stuff and get ready for the ballgame. Of course, "get ready for the ballgame" involved making mixed drinks and stashing them on our person so we could avoid paying a bazillion dollars for a drink in the ball park. Hey, that's how we roll.

Before the game, we ate a quick dinner at Stephanie's where I ordered a "tower" of onion rings. Of course, I'm thinking "tower" is just a turn of phrase or simply figurative. Um. No. The evidence is below. Sadly, I was only able to make it through half of the "tower" ... about the fifth floor. I was a sad disappointment. But they were super tasty!!! And they kept my tummy full through the game!

The BoSox lost (sadly) but we had a really great time in spite of that. The weather was beautiful, the fans were happy, all was good.

And then today, bright and early, reality appeared in the form of a southward-bound jet plane.
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