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08 September 2008

A Random Update

It's the start of week 3 of the semester, and I already wish it was over. The semester, not the week. Well, I guess the week as well. Ugh. This could be the worst semester ever for obvious reasons.

I've been having very mixed feelings about the whole comps thing. Some days I feel mostly ready and other days I feel like I am still on Square One. Is that normal? Will I ever really feel ready to do this? I just want it to be over. Over and done with. I'm actually looking forward to the dissertation jut so this bullshit is over.

On a happy note, I leave for Boston in a week. We'll be up there for a little less than a week. We'll do some museums, take in a BoSox game, eat good food, and relax. It will be a nice break. It's rather sad to think that I need a break already. I mean, seriously.

The activities of the semester aren't all that bad. The student athletes are tolerable at worst and entertaining at best, and AT is going well. It's the busyness that is wearing me down. I am always doing something ... studying, working, working out, cleaning, going hither and thither. It gets old so fast. But it builds character, right?

Yeah. Right. By the time I am done with this whole process, I will have all the character I could ever want.
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