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04 September 2008

Working from home

I love that my job at the university is flexible enough to let me work from home on certain days. I woke up this morning with no real desire to go into the office. It's a cardio day at the gym, but I can make up for that by going for a nice long walk with Bailey (and she really deserves it!). I had a ton of computer-based work to do for the athletes, so I figured I would fire up the ole' laptop and do it here. Luckily, all of the paperwork that I needed was here.

So, here I sit, on the couch with the laptop where it belongs ... on my lap, of course! I've finished most of the work, and now I get to eat lunch and give my teeth a good brushing for my dentist appointment. After that, I return home for some comps studying. Yeah for that.

I met with KK yesterday regarding my comps questions. I left the meeting feeling rather confident about her section. Of course, I still have a ton of work to do, but it is far more manageable, and I feel good about it. Not great, but good. I'll take that.

52 days and counting.
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