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18 February 2009

The Beast - update 2

B is sleeping soundly at the foot of the bed. She's so sad and patetic it totaly breaks my heart! She went in for surgery at 7:30am and ehr dad sat with her at the vet's for the entire morning! He can be so amazingly wonderful! She was released after a successful surgery, and he brought her home. She was so doped up that he had to carry her up and down the stairs. When I got home around 4, she barely barked and then simply returned to her bed after she saw it was me. No excitement. No spazziness. No normal B. She hadn't eaten since 9pm the night before, so I fed her so softened food with painkillers and antibiotics.  The Boy said that she had been whimpering in pain, and she seemed so uncomfortable. She was clearly ravenous because she wolfed down her dinner in seconds. Well, perhaps "wolfed" is the wrong term. It was probably more like "gummed" since her mouth was numb and she is missing teeth!

After her dinner, she really rallied. She certainly wasn't her spazzy B self and she's slept non-stop, but she has certainly perked up. Her mouth is still a little bloody and she leaves little stains when she lays her head down. She got stitches in her mouth (which must suck!), but she's doing really well. She's been completely spoiled and will remain so for the next few days. Seeing her so sad and vulnerable just breaks my heart. I know I'm normally a hard-ass with her, but she really is my pal. Imagining her not being around is terrifying, so I'm ever so thankful that she's currently passed out on my bed with me. Thank you to all of you who sent along such good thoughts and prayers her way. We love you!

The vet was also kind enough to send along the remains of B's bad teeth. Yeah. I figured that it's only appropriate that I share with all of you!!

What does one do with excised dog teeth?

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