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16 February 2009

The Beast update

Well, B doesn't have the dreaded "C" word. Thankfully. But she does need surgery. Both of her back top molars are abcessed. The swelling is a result of the infection. Wierdly, the infection is worse in the right side but there is no swelling there at all! But I'm used to B's wierdness, so it's really no ssuprise.

The vet was awesome and gave us some antibiotics and painkiller/anti-inflammatories to ease her discomfort. She's scheduled for surgery first thing in the morning on Wednesday. We won't go into the details of the pretty penny that this is going to cost me. All that matters is that my Beast is going to be better. The scary thing is that the vet is pretty concerned about her reaction to the anesthesia. Because she is so thin, she may not handle it well. Worst case scenario is worst case scenario. But I've been asking St. Francis to watch over her and protect her from harm through this process. I'm sure that she'll be fine and wonderful, but it still makes me very worried and nervous. Your good thoughts are greatly needed/appreciated!

No matter how much that dog drives me insane, I still love her to pieces!!

Here's a few pics to remind you all of her gorgeousness. The first is her in her new "den" in the office and the second is just beautiful.

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