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27 August 2009

Major suckage

Today sucked.

I woke up in a foul mood which was only compounded by the fact that, when I got to school, my projector's bulb had blown which prevented me from doing what I had planned. And, of course, the kids were acting like obnoxious pre-teens (Big surprise there. They are 10 and 11.) and couldn't follow directions to save their lives.

I managed to piss off some of my team members when I shared my opinion which, clearly, a few people didn't want to hear.

When I get home, Bailey is a pain in the ass and refuses to listen to anything I tell her to do.

And, to put the cherry on my day, The Boy just called to tell me that he isn't coming over until late tomorrow. That was the one thing that was getting me through the day without crying. And, now, an hour before Meet the Teacher night -- which I am dreading more than the plague -- I'm ready to freakin' break down.

Everything, taken separately, would have been fine. It's just the combination of crap that wears a girl down.

The only good part of the day was that my outfit rocked. But that can only take a girl so far.

(I still love my job and feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have it. It's just one of those days where I just want to curl up into a ball and die. We all have those, right? Sadly, I'm not even premenstrual.)

Oh well. In the words of Scarlett, "Tomorrow is another day."
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