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16 August 2009

6th Graders are SMALL!

This week was my first week with students at CA. I've been in faculty training for two weeks, so I was more than ready for my kiddies to show. and when they did, I was astounded at how small they are. I guess being surrounded by college students for the last four years had made me forget how little and vulnerable these little guys and gals are. I mean, a few of them only come up to my hip!!! Now, granted, my hip is higher than most, but still! They are so small.

BTW - My first period class has 5 -- count them, FIVE! -- young gentlemen straight from England. Seriously?! All five in one class? I'm thinking it was planned that way, but now I spend my early mornings enjoying some awesome English accents.

The teaching thing is going well too. Of course, the first three days of school are pretty low-key and are filled with get-to-know-you games and basic information, but I think I've made some honest and solid connections with my kids. I start real teaching this coming week, and, by next week, we will be in full swing.

I'm really so excited with all of this!!!
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