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18 January 2010

Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

I have a confession.

I love tights.

I cannot resist buying them when I see them. It's almost a compulsion. (Like the sunshine yellow and fuchsia that I bought yesterday.) But they are practical too!!!

The problem is I have way to many of them now. And, because tights are so bulky and stockings are so delicate, they don't really work in drawers. So, I put my massive genius to work (cough, cough!) and thought of a solution.

May I present, dear readers, the Tight Space Maker!
(Heehee ... get it? Tight space maker?!)

Ta da!!!

I bought a cheap (12.99) pocket organizer thing at Target and used it for my tights and stockings. The great thing is that it keeps my leg apparel free from snags and makes them easy to see! Now I know what colors I have at any given time. And it takes up no space because it hangs on the back of my door.


The next creation doesn't solve an everyday problem ... unless you call the need for an adult beverage an everyday problem.

We had some fresh frozen blueberries handy so we made blueberry vanilla martinis. Mmmmmm .... mucho tasty!!!

And pretty too!
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