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20 January 2010

Life so far ... this year

I'm working on my waistline this year. I am determined to look fantastic (or a lot closer than where I am now) for my 30th.

I decided to do Weight Watchers because I have had some good success with it in the past (although I've fallen off the wagon and gained the weight right back), but this time I am serious. Thirty is a few short months away, and I would like to greet it weighing about 40 pounds less. I have just started Week 3, and I am down 7 pounds!! It's not amazing, but it does feel good. I hope it continues in this manner. I need to get my rear to the gym more often and do some more exercise!!! That should make a difference.

Today I went "skiing" on the Nordic Track for 30 minutes (that was TORTURE!!! and my legs are still sore form it!) and then walked with Amy and Ruby (B's best friend) for an hour. It was great fitness, and I feel energized. I want to get up early tomorrow to do more Nordic, but I'm afraid my legs will be too sore. We'll see how it goes in the morning.
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