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30 January 2010

Things one learns on a snow day:

1.) Patience is a virtue - after waiting for three hours in an online waiting room for BoSox tickets, I finally was able to buy 4 tickets to two different games in June. Yeah!

2.) There is a reason that automatic dish detergent is different than the regular dish detergent - that reason is that regular detergent in a dishwasher makes lots o' bubbles! (Sorry I don't have pics, Kiki. I am a failure in many ways!)

3.) Southerners are a wee bit crazy - a little bit of ice and snow makes their world come to a screeching halt. I know they aren't used to this kind of weather, but it is still funny to watch.

4.) John Rhys-Meyers is ridiculously hot - Okay, I didn't learn this today, but I've spent the day watching The Tudors and I've been reminded of his hotness.
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