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23 February 2012

Scale-y surprises

I stepped on the "official" scales at work today. I call them "official" because they are real doctor's scales, and they are actually calibrated. Far more accurate than my Target special. Anyway, when I stepped on them this morning, the scale revealed a number that I was THRILLED with. I am officially 25.5 pounds lighter today than I was one year ago. And that, my friends, is awesome.

I know I've been losing weight and getting fit over the last year, but I'd been hovering around that 20lb. mark. My ultimate goal was to get back to my high school weight (which was 30lbs. from my starting weight), so I was quite happy with a 20lb. loss. I could certainly live with that. I've become a lot more active in the past few months, running a few times a week as well as taking a killer kickboxing class once a week. I generally work out between 3-5 times a week, and that, for me, is amazing. I've always HATED working out and only did it out of obligation. Now, I kinda look forward to it (but don't tell anyone!) I've also been much more conscious of what I eat. I eat a large salad with spinach leaves every day for lunch, and I generally have a fruit, veggie, and yogurt smoothie almost every night for dinner.

By no means am I on a strict diet, though. I love food far too much to give it up. I've just finally realized that, if I want to be svelte (haha!) and fit, I need to make a more deliberate effort to burn off what I put in. If I'm not going to work out on a given day, I don't have an evening cocktail or an after-dinner snack. If I am going to work out, I'm less worried about having a treat. I'm not willing to live a life void of good food and good drink, but I am willing to work hard enough to earn (and not pay for) said food and drink.

Anyway, I'm not sure where the last 5.5 pounds went, but I'm not sorry to see them go. I'm sure my new desire to become a runner has certainly helped. Even if I hadn't lost pounds, the change in my body composition is quite satisfying. My calves are thinner and more shapely, my arms are less flabby and are far more defined (although I am certainly not "cut"), and my waist feels thinner. All of this equals clothes that are a little too big on me. This saddens me because I LOVE my wardrobe. I built it slowly over time when I was managing and working at Ann Taylor, and to know that some pieces are no longer flattering is disappointing. Thankfully a friend knows a good tailor so I can get my favorites altered down.

Looking down at the scale and seeing a number that I saw in my early college years is a wonderful thing. It gives me the impetus to keep working and get rid of the last 4.5 so I can see what I looked like in my senior year of high school ... but with shorter hair, more tattoos, a few piercings, and higher heels. :)
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