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20 September 2012

Doggie Round Up

When JD entered my life, so did his kids. Like me and B, he is a package deal with his beasts. I've mentioned them before, but I thought it appropriate for a little Doggy Round Up with a better introduction to our blended family. 

First, the big dogs. Here we have Bailey (aka Old Dog or Grey Dog) and Sunny (aka Yellow Dog or NO!) staring at me intently for a piece of popcorn to be thrown. Sunny only recently (yesterday) learned to catch. I was worried about her for a while. But, with an older sister like B, she was bound to learn something. 

Sunny also has an amazingly long snout. Kinda like B in that respect as well. 

B and Pickles (aka Little Man) the dachshund are amazing at helping me with my dissertation. Or, at the very least, keeping me company while I work. 

These two also get along the best. Sunny is still a puppy while these two are older and wiser. Or something like that. 

One of the rare moments when Sunny was actually still. This lasted all of four minutes. 

While the house has a million toys in it, we always want to play with the same one at the same time. This time, B got lucky. The other two heathens had to wait for her to finish.

My potty-time walks used to include just one grey dog. This is more representative of my view these days. 

We're more or less one big happy family. Of course, when Sunny chews on the carpet or Pickles pees on the floor or Bailey raids the pantry ... that's a different story. Never a dull moment. :)
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