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05 September 2012

My new roomie

JD finished the move yesterday. It took a solid week to happen, but it's done. I helped ALL weekend long (in the sweltering heat), and he wrapped it up without me. All that's left is the unpacking and organizing. He didn't bring a ton of stuff, but it still needs to be organized and made livable. The first thing that he did to make my place our place was to hang his mounted ducks. They were originally hung in the bedroom, but that wasn't happening. We relocated them to the office. Taking down the picture of Ted Williams and replacing it with taxidermied animals. Never in my life would I have envisioned having mounted animals on my wall, but, surprisingly, they don't look too out of place. In that room. And, if it makes JD feel more at home, I'm happy to make the sacrifice. I love him, and it's all about compromise, right? 

They actually go well with my NYS cattails. 

Now, when all the rest of the mounted animals show up in our (eventual) new place ... we'll see how that goes. 
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