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24 October 2012

Comforts of home

Ever since JD moved in, life has certainly been different. There are extra animals, extra stuff, and the extra attention that I have to pay to having another person in "my" space (although JD regularly reminds me that it's "our" space because he indeed pays rent for it!). All in all, it's been pretty great. I love having my love at home when I get home from work and having him close pretty much all the time. Of course, we both give each other the space needed to breathe, but it's pretty wonderful having him near all the time.

The best part of the new living arrangement? Cooking dinner together at night. Sometimes I'm baking a dessert while he cooks and sometimes we are both cooking together, but I love it. I love being in the kitchen together -- laughing and joking and talking and having the occasional cuddle -- while we make our evening meal. It always seems to taste better when we cook it together than when we cook separately.

Of course, the cooperative cooking does present a problem. Who does the dishes? :)
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