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08 October 2012

Looking down on the northeast

Flying home today, the weather was gorgeous. Never in my life have I flown into the Ithaca airport and seen anything other than snow and darkness. Happily, the autumn skies cleared as we took off this morning and made for some very pretty views of the autumn hills. 

The fog filled the vallies and made for a very pretty sight.
In the upper right corner is Cayuga Lake. I'm not sure what the race track in the center is...
I like this one. It captured the prop and the scenery below.
Yes. The airport at home is so small it only allows prop planes to fly in and out. 

So pretty ...
The farmland of central Pennsylvania.
Or, as I like to call it, Pennsyltucky. 
Contrasting the beautiful hills of home is the wonderful city of Philadelphia.
I prefer the hills to the soulless blocks. 
Catching our own shadow as we landed in Philly. 
I love taking pictures from airplanes. Except that it makes me look like a tourist ...
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