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11 April 2013

A simple dirt plot

Almost a month ago, I posted about my new little seedlings that I was starting for my new garden. I may have started them a little too early because our weather suddenly got very cold and delayed the start of my outside garden. But the weather has finally warmed up (relatively) consistently, and it's time to start preparing the ground for our garden.

JD rented a tiler yesterday and, in the sweltering hot sun, started to break ground. Being the go-getter that he is, he started it while I was at school but quickly realized that he couldn't get the whole thing done without help. There was just too much organic matter (i.e. clumps of grass) to do it alone. I rushed home from work, put on my work gloves, and dug in. Literally. We raked and tilled and raked and tilled for about 3 hours. And finally we layered some fresh soil on top to add fresh nutrients to the ground. And, now, she is ready for my seedlings who are rapidly growing out of their spaces. And, of course, she needs a fence because I have three dogs who can't wait to dig in that fresh smelly dirt.

The plot. I'm looking forward to seeing it covered in green. 

I was hoping to start relocating my seedlings to their permanent home today, but some storms are expected to pass through tonight and tomorrow. I would hate for them to get beaten up by the rain and wind, and the rain would certainly help the new soil to settle in. But the free watering would be pretty wonderful. If I can't get their feet into the ground today, they will certainly be in new soil this weekend. The forecast is calling for spectacular weather.

A few seedling outgrew their homes and had to be placed into a temporary space.
A large Rubbermaid container. 

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