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25 April 2013

Don't tell Jack, but we've got beanstalks!

Well, not beanstalks yet, but the definite makings of some!

These just popped through the soil on Sunday!
Look how big they are now!

Since my beans didn't make it through the seedling process (something happened while I was away in NOLA and they died. Sad face.), I had planted new seeds just to see how if they would make it. I wasn't counting on it, but I was hoping for the best since freshly snapped green beans are the perfect summer taste. I was more than presently surprised when every seed I had sowed had planted popped through the soil last Sunday. And I was even more surprised when they had grown significantly all week long. I thinned them out yesterday to give the sturdiest seedlings room to grow, and, today, they seem to have gotten even bigger!

If they keep growing like this, we'll have A LOT of beans in a few weeks!

I also applied the first watering of Miracle-Gro, so we'll see how they like that. (But I didn't Miracle-Gro the herbs because they are far too tender for such fertilizer. They're leaves will quickly burn, so, if you're growing your own, be careful!)

I've definitely got a lot of weeding to do this weekend, and it's already become a thing I'll have to keep up with regularly. This soil not only grows plants well, but it certainly nourishes the weeds and grass as well!
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