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08 April 2013

It was a very good day

Sunday was a perfect day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. The weather was warm. It was almost like a Disney movie except real.

I had been complaining to JD that we hadn't spent any real time together since I had gotten back from NOLA. Every moment of the day since I had returned seemed to be filled with family and responsibilities. All I wanted to do was just hang out and be together, but there was always something else that needed to be done. Sunday finally came and we had nothing on the agenda. The prospect was pretty exciting.

I went to church as usual, and, as soon as I got home, we put the dogs in the backyard and started washing the cars. First, his behemoth of a truck and then my little Vdub. After a solid hour of washing vehicles, we put together the new lawn mower and I had my first ever lawn-mowing experience! I only mowed the front lawn because the ground was still pretty wet and soggy from previous rainy days. Which ultimately led to three dogs getting baths because they were running and playing in the soggy wet ground. Finally, when all our work was done, JD went on a quick grocery run so we could cook out in the nice weather. And then we just relaxed.

Even though we were busy from sun-up to (almost) sun-down, it was just what I needed. I loved working side-by-side with him our chores, laughing and joking about silly things and serious things, singing along to the music that was playing, and just being together. Moments like those are so much more important and special than any fancy date or extravagant dinner. Don't get me wrong. Those are nice, too. But the day-to-day stuff is so much more enjoyable when we're doing it together.

I guess it must be meant to be if even the mundane is enjoyable, right?
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