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02 June 2007

M.R.I. = MaryBeth Remains Injured

My knee pain is back. With a vengeance.

Dr. Blackman scheduled me for an M.R.I. to figure out what the hell is making my knee hurt so much. He says if that doesn't figure things out, I have to go to a rheumatologist to see if there are some major underlying issues leading to the joint pain that lingers through basically my whole body.

The M.R.I. was oh-so-much fun. It happened at 8:30 AT NIGHT on Thursday (the very first evening Chico was in town!!), and I had to lay in a freezing cold tube for about a half an hour. It banged and hummed and clattered the whole time. It was deafening. The giant magnet inside the M.R.I even made the three-inch screws in my ankle throb. Not pleasant. Around nine or so, Chico and I finally got to leave and go to dinner.

Chico and I went for a walk at Battleground Park yesterday evening, and, about a mile and half into the walk, my knee was throbbing and painful. We came home, made dinner, and watched Apocolypto (which didn't suck, surprisingly) while I held a heating pad on my knee for two hours. It felt a little better afterwards, but I certainly wasn't up for a run (but, then again, I never really am). I really want this thing to get figured out. It pisses me off that I cannot go for a two-mile walk without being in pain. I'm 26, for god's sake! My body is still young.

On a side note, I watched March of the Penguins. My ruling: Sweetest movie EVER.
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