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20 June 2007

Notes on an Non-Scandal

1. I've finally caught up on my reading. Phew. Of course, my new reading week begins on Sunday so I have three whole days of relaxation. And those "days of relaxation" will be filled with working, working, and working.

2. Speaking of working, my three jobs are going well. I am busy every day (except today by some odd alignment of the planets) for at least the entire morning. More often than not, I am busy in both the morning and afternoon. Sometimes the evening as well. Aside from having no time for anything fun, I am making some good money and am quite happy with all of my endeavors. Plus I've got some amazing new clothes at AT (most of which were 40-50% off with my discount) that I absolutely love.

3. I have been working out regularly again. Up at 5, at the Y by 6. AM, that is. Today I took B on a five mile walk. I loved it. She hated it because I exhausted her. I try to take her on walks three times a week (four miles minimum), but my current schedule doesn't exactly allow that. But we are going hiking in the mountains on Saturday. That should be exhausting fun for her.

4. My boy moves here in exactly one week. There are no words for my happiness. We are planning to have Thanksgiving in Savannah and possibly Spring Break in Houston (with Kirsten and Rob). We're also going to be heading to Charlotte for the BodyWorlds exhibit. Part of my birthday gift. Should be fantastic. I'm stoked.

5. Life is really good. I'm not poor (despite early forecasts), I'm enjoying my living situation (present and future!), I'm keeping active, and my social life isn't too shabby. I'm really enjoying life right now. I honestly can't complain. Yeah for life not sucking!!!!!
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