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09 June 2007

To appease The Kiki

I've been reprimanded for abandoning my blog. Well, I have been a little busy. My boy has been in town, after all!

Well, since my MRI (which was my last update), I have worked a few shifts at Ann Taylor and bought a few super cute things. Especially this dress ...

Of course, it looks a little different on me, given that the model is black and I am, well... pasty. It is fantastic nonetheless. I wore it to dinner with Melissa and Brandy on Thursday night at Solaris. The best thing about the dress is that I got it 50% off!!! So phenomenal!! In fact, my regular discount is 40%, but I get to buy five full-priced items per month for 50% off! Yeah!! Of course, this means I will be poor. Well dressed, but poor.

I started SOAR in Friday as well. I worked from 1-2:30pm but still made the full pay. WooHoo!! I only had to help one student (who just so happened to be an English major), and then I got to go home and play with the boy.

Chico and I went to Winston-Salem on Friday for a Law School function. We went to a Winston-Salem Warthogs game and drank free beer for a few hours. Of course, it was Bud Light, so it tasted like ass. But, it was free beer. The weird thing about the whole evening was that Chico and I were two of the oldest people there. All of the people in his class are like 21-24 years old. It is pretty bad when I am one of the oldest people in the room. He and I laughed for quite a while about this. Then we realized how creepy we felt.

This morning we went back to join the Law School sponsored house hunt. Thankfully we didn't have to pile into the van with all of the kiddies. We drove separately and followed the vans to all of the different complexes. Chico found a complex that he liked (meaning it fit his budget and didn't suck) and filled out the application for it. Turns out that pretty much every kid in his class liked the same complex, so he will have a lot of new neighbors to play with! He is overjoyed.

Tonight I am taking him to the Gate City Chop house for dinner so we can have a nice, romantic dinner together before the leaves me until the end of the month. Happily, the next time I see him, he will be accompanied by a moving fan chuck full o'his stuff. That will make me the happiest girl in America!

It will be nice to return to a normal schedule again. Gym at 5:30/6. Work at 9:30 with Joe. Work at 1 at SOAR. Random hours here and there at AT. Home to sleep and play with my puppy. Hopefully there will be time for drinking and socializing in the midst of all that.

Sorry, Kiki. No pics to share this time. Meet me at the gym on Monday morning? I'll be there around 6. Get your booty out of bed!

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