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27 July 2009


Today was my first day of training at CA. We covered benefits and some technology things. Since the campus was founded by a software company, they are very heavy on the technology aspect of education. Every student and every teacher has a tablet PC, and the school network is loaded with awesome software tools for us all to use. It was pretty fabulous to learn about all of them and start to get ideas as to how to use them in my classroom.

While the techy part of the day was pretty great, the best by far was the benefits presentation. Turns out, I now have freakin' AWESOME insurance. First off, the school pays all the premiums for employees. I don't need to pay anything but my copays and deductibles. Secondly, they put $1100 in my flex spending plan for me to use on additional medical expenses! Thirdly, my dental plan cost $30 a month. I'm so utterly astounded by the complete awesomeness of this. Starting August 1st, I will be fully insured with kick-ass insurance.

As for now, I am completely and totally exhausted. Eight hours of presentations and meetings has worn me out. After a cocktail, I'll be hitting the hay pretty early. I'm beat!
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